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If you have more money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.

– Guy Kawasaki

What do you need?

Here at redDog, we believe in combining creativity + technology using digital marketing to generate business growth for clients like you. Using our creative energy to help you develop your business further and faster than you could on your own is what genuinely gets our tails wagging. Our focus is digital media and working with business marketing strategies; marketing your business through social media marketing, web design, SEO, SEM and brand development. By harnessing the power of our online and offline specialist team, we increase your brand visibility, on and off the internet. Together we will plan, write, create, build and develop your dream. We never forget the primary objective – your business success that’s why we use digital marketing as it focuses on the complete package for success.

What we do

Digital Marketing and Strategy

redDog will develop a multi-channel approach strategy utilising social media, SEO, blogs, email marketing, website, PPC (Google AdWords – online advertisements), keyword research, marketing management, marketing plans, eBooks, and digital channel building. We will use proven business marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies to bring potential leads and customers to you, converting and delighting them with your products and services. Every business deserves more than just a generic approach to online marketing.

Social Media

Helping you tell your story, through social media marketing aid you in networking, assist with engaging with your customers, monitor and respond to customer service requests, manage your reputation on the web, develop leads to generate sales, and – through sharing content – help grow and establish your authority within your marketplace with your own social media manager.

Brand Development

We provide perspective and clarity for your business, helping you focus your energy on what matters most. We assist you in marketing your business – building an on-point brand, developing your unique selling proposition, and harnessing the power of your customer.


Your website is an investment. It is often the first encounter your potential customer has with you and you’ your product, so don’t chase people away with a less than professional design.  We are a web design company that focuses on sound design creating an intuitive user experience which guides visitors through each layer of your site, as well as ensuring optimisation and search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website.

What is the most effective form of marketing?

  • Growth from Social Listening 86% 86%
  • Inspire through Social Influencing 90% 90%
  • Engage and interact through Social Networking 96% 96%
  • Leverage from Social Selling 92% 92%

Using digital marketing strategies designed for both long and short-term gain, redDog turns strangers into customers by generating demand for your products, services or expertise. Producing and distributing content that meets the needs of your customers at each stage of their buying journey is critical to the success of marketing. Marketing your business by educating your audience about your products or services builds trust and establishes a relationship. By distributing compelling content on social media networks, we help your business build rapport and engagement with potential customers quickly.   As a successful web design company, we generate long-term gains by using effective SEO strategies for search engine ranking, building sites that help with organic search and develop authoritative word of mouth and email campaigns.

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Marketing is defined as “the actions of a business related to promoting and selling products and services, including market research and advertising.” However, to be effective, digital marketing must be focused and creative. redDog generates excitement and passion by planning innovative and cost-effective campaigns. Together, we will develop a marketing campaign delivering real value.

Sales today is less about:
Interrupting, pitching and closing
More about:
Listening diagnosing and prescribing- Mark Roberge

A happy customer is the best business strategy of all

I was absolutely delighted to discover Christina from redDog

“Not only for her huge knowledge of computer technology, but in this case, for her skills in updating my website. This was a task that I had putting off, as I imagined it would be complicated, and tiresome. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Very intuitively and competently, Christina created a whole new ‘feel’, with a brand new website. I particularly appreciated the clarity of it, and the ease of navigating it. We had a small amount of to and frowing, and apart from that, she simply understood the ‘feel’ I was wanting, and created something I loved – in a very short and painless manner. I appreciate working with Christina very much, because she is accessible. She listens to, and ‘gets’ people very instinctively. I’ve certainly had experience, over the years with advertising, creating brochures/cards etc. and I have been so amazed how myself and the technician could be totally on different wave-lengths, which often led to disappointment with the outcome. . Absolutely no way, with redDog !

Christina is obviously a great researcher, keeping aligned with all the new social media requirements, to create a successful business. To be able to rely and trust someone with this knowledge is huge, especially in our ever-changing marketing world!. I have, and will continue to recommend redDog to friends and acquaintances, if they are wanting excellence in developing their businesses. With Christina’s vast knowledge and skills (both people and technical), she will lead them into exciting new areas, creating exactly what they want – or something they didn’t even know existed, until working with redDog . . . .

Christina Venville, Celebrant.

I have no hesitation in recommending redDog

“I have been impressed with marketing skills and her commitment to ongoing study. redDog is very conscientious, hardworking and client focused.redDog is very creative with great analytical skills, creating and enlarging on ideas and concepts easily and quickly. I have never been disappointed with their ideas and overviews, advice or outcomes. Innovative and often quirky input to my digital advertising catches the eye and provokes interest and comments. Christina is pragmatic and professional, but her personality and great sense of humor makes working with her great fun.”   Karen Golyn, Owner.

redDog is easy to recommend. Why?

“Christina takes her time to really “get to know you”, looks beyond the “what’s happening here & now” & considers the bigger picture of your business. Mac/PC support, consultant, creator, designer, motivator, marketer, is a fraction of what Christina brings to her customers, she thinks outside the square. It matters to her what is happening in your business and you, that trait in business isn’t easy to find. She is consistent, reliable, trustworthy, innovative, thoughtful.   As a business I can often get bogged down in the “running, doing, hands on of my business” – I wish I had had a redDog from day one of my set-up, she has a gift that exceeds many in the industry. I could say one thing to wrap up my recommendation – “nab redDog now don’t miss out on someone who can take you beyond what others offer.” Dianne Gulland, director/owner.

We thought we could handle the marketing on our own.

“What I found since hiring redDog is I am learning so much more than I thought possible. Everything is tirelessly explained to me and I feel supported throughout the process. Objectives were explained in a down to earth manner.     redDog has taken the time to understand DermaDNA. Setting goals, objective and accountability. I feel I have gained a friend and mentor – thank you!. I would definitely recommend redDog. Marketing goals and outcomes were explained and Christina worked tirelessly to ensure results are achieved. redDog is very results orientated with an amazing attention to detail. Christina has supported and encouraged, often taking time out of her busy day to explain project requirements. Christina has advised, directed and worked tirelessly to achieve the desired outcome. Thank you for all your hard work. Your experience is invaluable.” Alison Briggs, Founder

We are always looking at staying ahead of the competition

“We have just completed renovations on our building, and Ruapehu Alpine Lifts are doing massive work up the mountain, so it was a logical time to upgrade the website. We were looking for ease of moving through the site – intuitive user experience, plus setting it up for mobile and tablet users. The personal interaction with the web designer was necessary, redDog listened to our thoughts on what we required, as we’re in a unique marketplace for a short period each year. redDog’s has fresh new ideas, and that’s part of the reason why would recommend them. We like using local businesses wherever possible. And this has been a positive experience. It has enhanced our business profile and set us apart from our competitors. Thank you.”   Wendy and Sue, Owners

Great Service

“Unbelievable attention to detail and tailored everything to my specific needs. Great all round service.”   Darren Traynor, Director

We are a successful small business with no spare time

We are a successful small business with no spare time or the skills required to create a web presence easily accessible and stylish, until redDog/Christina.   We got exactly that and more, Christina brings with her an excellent sense of humour and professional approach able to interpret our needs.   We love the ongoing support and the reassurance that Christina’s use of gadgets means that she is only a text or phone call away.”   Deb and Grant Alley, Owners

My belief that I could do it myself when I really couldn’t!.

“Together we were able to strategies and make a complete business plan and accounting system to make the business much more productive. We love redDog’s collaborative approach. Everything alongside as opposed to being directive (which I’m very resistant to). We created a  clear business path, an accounting system that makes me more answerable that I can understand!
Without doubt! Christina is available, very supportive and has great ideas.  I have enjoyed the time I have spent with Christina, even though she asks tough questions! I’ve learned a lot about running a business and getting the message out there to the community. She has been unfailingly patient and cheerful throughout, and as a result, I now have a productive business.”

Marja ter Haar, Owner

I found working with redDog on my new website a really smooth and easy process.

I found working with redDog on my new website a really smooth and easy process. I didn’t have a lot of spare time so it was great to have them fill in the blanks and they came up with a fantastic and professional looking website with the rough idea and information that I gave them. I wasn’t bombarded with technical jargon or made to feel silly when I asked questions. I would recommend the redDog team to anyone looking at building or updating their website as it was a pain-free process that resulted in a site I am very happy with at a very reasonable price. Thanks redDog!   Emma Baylis,  Owner

The cherry on the top is quality service at a fair price

We were concerned about availability, but we moved forward positively We were also looking to reduce the stress associated with some IT matters that are beyond our skills with little IT help on the staff. We would absolutely recommend redDog and Christina. The cherry on the top is quality service at a fair price, we get succinct and fast help when necessary by phone/text, with info that Christina’s thinks might help. Christina has an ability to understand and understand fast and efficiently what outcomes we need. She also relates to all the team with respect. Shona Hobday,  Owner / Director


We are here to create a meaningful and lasting relationship with our clients
let’s build something remarkable together

Grab A Strategy

Our marketing/business strategies look at your overarching business goals (typically connecting the dots between marketing and sales) and focus on a 90-day planning schedule evaluated each 30 days.  There are various strategies important to success, so we need to make sure they are on track and prioritized.  It is still commonplace for some businesses to ignore the crucial stage of developing a strategic approach, and our experience tells us they are likely to experience some or all of the following:

  1. Not agile enough to respond to market changes
  2. Wasting money and time by duplication
  3. Unable to optimise business resources
  4. Dipping and diving online with no focus
  5. The lack of a consistent brand presence or message

redDog’s digital marketing consulting can provide an independent view of where you are and give suggestions on where you need to go. Let’s face it we all want to attract new customers, increase revenue, generate more leads, make that easy on yourself!

Digital marketing is essentially any form of marketing that exists online.

On your way with a competitive strategy
Marketing is the foundation of every business, as the overall objective is to sell more products or services. Smart companies will not avoid being part of social media and online marketing as it’s the fastest and most cost-effective way of reaching potential buyers.  Using social media platforms; advertising on Facebook, connecting B2B on LinkedIn or posting on Instagram with links back to their website for example. As marketers and business owners, we have to consider customer satisfaction first and understand that marketing is anything that informs and provides interest to get an audience to make direct eye contact with a brand. The key is always to focus on a few critical social media sites where your brand is most likely to reach its audience; creative content to the right audience, engagement will always happen.

If you are selling your product/service at either a local, national or international level, the step one of marketing is to consider and implement market research and develop a coherent digital marketing or business strategy, so you hit the correct target market. A marketing strategy will work on segmentation and target the businesses audience more precisely than traditional outbound / offline marketing. The key for any business is finding the right marketing method and defining the marketing message to educate, engage, influence and convert the customer into repeat buyers.  Internet marketing and web-based paid social advertising (Google AdWordsFacebook ads) can be the quickest and most effective way to brand awareness. Today businesses have to consider in their strategy a mix of organic and paid posts on social media to find the most success. It is genuinely about investing the time in developing a plan to drive conversion and sales.


digital marketing


Business & Marketing Strategist /
Chief Dog Walker


Graphic Designer / Creative Genius


Editor / Creative Content Creator


Affilate Marketer / Development Expert

Fulfilling your clients' needs better than the competition is at the heart of every successful marketing strategy

- redDog


Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in New Zealand? Or trying to understand how digital marketing can work for your business? Let’s get in touch to understand your business or project needs, and discuss the next steps. Did I mention this session is free