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It all starts with you

  • Are you overwhelmed with the different ways to market your business and don’t know where to start?
  • Do you have any idea if your marketing is working?
  • Do you want to focus your energy on the best return on investment?

How does it work?

What the session comprises is entirely up to you. Our Power Hour will get you unstuck, whether it’s getting your head around your marketing strategy or a technical glitch with a social media platform.

Providing strategic, hands-on advice, so whatever’s keeping you up at night, I can help.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a <insert your pick> (hopeful/new/well established) business owner. Is Power Hour suitable for me?

It is suitable for all business owners at every level and totally personalised just for you.


What if I ask a question in the session and you can't answer it?

Don’t worry; I understand because sometimes, we can bring up other topics that lead us down different paths during our sessions. I won’t abandon you if I can’t answer something during the session, I will find the answer and send it through.

How much is a Power Hour with you?

Power Hour Social $145 plus GST

Power Hour Website $150 plus GST

Power Hour SEO $155 plus GST

Power Hour Business $165 plus GST


*International clients no GST is charged

Will you try and upsell me or sign me up for something else?

Absolutely not; we are not like that this is a no-strings-attached, practical, one-hour session packed full of personalised marketing or business advice with Christina.

How does it work?

It starts with your why, why do you need help. 

Are you feel overwhelmed by all the options, advice and opinions about small business marketing? Perhaps you have a particular issue that you’d like to untangle with an objective professional. Or maybe you would like some fresh ideas or the reassurance that you’re on the right track?


  1. Book your Power Hour 
  2. Answer the questions I will send through; these will help me prepare for our time together, as all my advice will be tailored for your business and question.
  3. During the power hour (on Zoom, but we can meet in person if it’s a local business), we cover the points you want to discuss in as much depth as needed.
  4. I will bring my 20+ years of experience and my honest, straightforward ways to make sure you leave feeling inspired with a plan of action. 
  5. Afterwards, you get the recording (if relevant) of the call and my notes via email.
  6. If you start to feel you need a little extra accountability, we can discuss this and set up a fortnightly check-in – no pressure, though. 
Is the Power Hour more expensive than your hourly rate?

Essentially yes, but there is a reason for that, your power hour looks like a single hour, but it’s not – 

  • I do research before we get together
  • I cram in as much value as I possibly can into that hour
  • I record the session and send it to you to revise and go over it as much as you want.
  • After I provide points regarding what we have covered and follow up regarding a later check-in. 
  • I am always available for additional questions. 
  • Often I find clients request help with one thing but then when we start to uncover it, we work on something else. 

You have me all to yourself with no strings attached – I only take on Power Hours that fit within my niche – so it’s years of experience, training, and time at the keyboard. 

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If you need inspiration or some good solid advice,

Examples of some Power Hour questions:

How can I get more customers?

Is my website effective or even working for me?

I am struggling and don’t know what to do next

Where should I start with social media?

How do I create content when I am time poor already in my business

Who should I be targeting with my business?

Help my business is stuck; how do I give it traction?

Help, I am drowning and need a life raft.

Should I create my store in Woocomerce or Shopify, or Wix?

I am thinking of raising my prices, should I?

Do I need a marketing plan?

I would like to update my website, but I am not sure where to start

I need help with general branding or tone of voice

I need help with strategic planning

I need help with social media strategy

What is email marketing, and do I need it?

I need a plan to move my business online

What are the best tools for marketing?

I am stuck with Facebook advertising

I am confused by SEO, or how do I improve it?

I am struggling with social media advertising

What’s your question?

How do we get started?

Step 1. Click

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Step 2. Share

It’s sometimes hard getting schedules together, so I thought, why not let you pick your time, and I will meet you there.

If on the calendar you don’t see the time you need, or you need additional time, then send me an email directly; and I will happily do some magic to work our schedules together.

Step 3. Grow

You will receive an email confirming your booking. I will attach a form for you to complete – which will become our Power Hour focus. Also, if you would like something reviewed, you can send the attachments or links in that email.

Step 4. Review

I will review what you have sent through; you will receive an invoice to confirm your slot on confirmation. Your payment will need to be made before your booked time.


Customer Review

I found working with redDog on my new website a really smooth and easy process. I didn’t have a lot of spare time so it was great to have them fill in the blanks and they came up with a fantastic and professional looking website with the rough idea and information that I gave them.

I wasn’t bombarded with technical jargon or made to feel silly when I asked questions. I would recommend the redDog team to anyone looking at building or updating their website as it was a pain-free process that resulted in a site I am very happy with at a very reasonable price.

Thanks redDog!


Hi, I am Christina 

The Power Hour is a one-on-one strategy session with Christina MacIntyre and is driven by your digital marketing or business issues; the hour focuses on no-nonsense advice and, most importantly, tangible actions you can implement. You can rely on me to be both honest and straightforward.

As a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I make sure my skills are up to date.

My journey has taken me around the world, from Scotland to Canada and now New Zealand. I will offer workable solutions gained from over twenty plus years of experience. Working with small to medium-sized businesses across numerous sectors, including health, beauty, tourism, education, business services, and start-ups.

I believe every business should be able to access affordable business marketing strategies.

I have a passion for supporting animal advocates and animal allied businesses, or if you are committed to a cause, I am committed to giving you a leg up to stand tall.

I look forward to connecting with you and finding out how our Power Hour can help your business; I know you won’t regret it.

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