We did it! It's Over!

However, We are not running away!

This is not goodbye or ciao or even sayonara!

We Love Feedback

YIPPEEEE!! It’s Green For GO!

YES, indeed congratulations on your new website. We made it through the journey together and we are as excited as you about its completion! We would like to ask you to take one final pass through the site to sign-off on the project.

As we begin the transition from the web design and development team, we need to work with you to tie up some final details. While a website is never truly finished, we have reached the end of the initial design and development stage of this project. Don’t worry we are not running away!

Please review your website to ensure that all aspects of the site meet the agreed-upon specifications, taking into account any agreed functionality. If your project proceeded without a specification, confirm that your site is live and functioning correctly.

Should you have any questions or concerns with regards to; appearance or functionality of your new site, please contact us as soon as possible. We will continue to support your project and will field any inquiries; problems, errors, display rendering and site functionality issues that fall within the original scope of work that may arise for two weeks from site launch date.

As a final step to acknowledge that your website project is complete and to launch the site, please press tick the boxes and press Thank You. We hope that your site is a great asset to you we sincerely appreciate your business! 

Signing Off

  • Are you ready to sign off your website? Then lets go!

  • What is your new website address? So we can match it what the one that we completed for you.
  • Please check the following items:

    Is all content submitted including images and text in the correct format and laid out as expected.
    Does your site look acceptable in the most recent versions of Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari. Have you checked it on mobile plus desktop version?
    *For Growing and Connect Website Pages only. Have you been trained on the best practices to use your website and feel you are capable of moving forward. If you don't want to do any backend updates, backups, changes to your site, we have a plan for that! Contact Us to find out more.
    If your website uses 3rd party applications such as a payment gateway, store, please confirm that these elements are functioning properly.
  • Then Lets Approve It:

    I understand that additional items/changes to format, structure, flash images, additional pages and any content management/admin controlled pages, etc or sections will require an additional quote once project completion has been approved.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

As you move forward, please take the time to read our moving forward page by clicking here

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We love your new site and happy it’s live and helping you with your business goals
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