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Request a website audit 

  1. Backup of your website
  2. Upgrade plugins and core software
  3. Check speed and performance.
  4. Check malware
  5. Check for broken links
  6. Audit report

You will receive an audit report with recommendations for website improvements that may include recommendations for SEO, image formatting, additional plugins, security, speed, etc. Let’s Chat

Local Business Ranking Success

Top 4 reasons websites get hacked

  • Outdated WordPress
  • Outdated Website Plugins
  • Unprotected Website Hosting
  • Outdated Website Theme

I have a new website; why do I need a plan?

Website’s require attention even after they have gone live. Your site can require plugin updates, database backups, security updates, software upgrades, spam and revision cleanup, etc.

For the best health of your website, it should never be left unattended, a damaged or hacked website can severely affect your business reputation.

Let’s do proactive rather than reactive fixes 

Why choose one of our website maintenance packages?

Premium WordPress Hosting, Security, Maintenance and Support

Essential Core Updates

We test all core WordPress updates on our testing server to ensure your WordPress site won’t be broken by new updates or incompatible software.

Plugin Updates and Minor WordPress Updates

All software needs to be updated, including the software that powers your website. It’s critical to protect your website from hackers and malware by applying the latest updates to all plugins, themes and WordPress. Performing scheduled maintenance can drastically reduce your risk of being a victim of hackers or malware.

SSL Certificate

Google assigns SSL-enabled websites precedence in search results. We include SSL with all of our Maintenance Plans.

Security Monitoring

We perform malware scanning, find any infected files check your website’s vulnerabilities and fix them.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

If you have an eCommerce site and can’t afford to have any downtime, we can configure uptime monitoring so if something does happen to your site, we are alerted right away and can start work on the issue immediately.

Customer Support

We think good customer support is essential, don’t you? If you need a helping hand, technical issues, or simply a question regarding using your WordPress website, we can help. We also provide access to priority support at a discounted rate for our maintenance plan holders.

Malware Monitoring

We have configured our servers with software that proactively patrols and guards your website against malware and other malicious threats.

Website Security

We take security seriously; security isn’t just for your bank account or your computer. We offer brute force protection, file change protection, login path security, and much more.


We offer three types of backups: our hosting server, additional cloud storage, local server in our office. We don’t just run backups on our server; we also Backup your website to the cloud monthly, weekly or daily, making website recovery easy, providing you with peace of mind.
Creating and storing website backups is vital to your web strategy. Talk to us today for more details.

Premium Plugins

We have spent years handpicking the best tools for WordPress, and we share them with you. Our premium plugins are licensed products that add invaluable functionality to your website, such WPRocket, a tool that is a powerful web performance tool, or Wordfence, a firewall and malware scanner. We provide access to our commercial software, which could save you hundreds per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the website care plans include?

It depends on the package you choose – we know all websites are not the same, let’s chat and recommend the best plan for your business, or we can provide a custom plan for your site. Or if we didn’t build your website, or it’s been ages since any work has been done, choose one of our Website maintenance audits and start there.

Why is it essential to perform maintenance on your website?

As one of the vital assets in your business, it’s crucial to keep your website protected with no issues. If your website were to crash, be offline or be hacked, it could affect your revenue or customers.


Scenario. You sell pet products online; you haven’t performed any updates on your site since it was developed; you don’t see it as an issue as the website seemed to be working ok with no problems. Then all of a sudden, you start getting popups and headers that have changed; they are offensive; you can no longer log in to the backend of the website to check to see what the issue is. You contact us, and we see your site has been hacked; the hackers have changed all the logins and passwords and have access to all your orders and payment details. This scenario sadly is real and happens more often than it should. We were able to recover the website from a previous backup that we had taken. However, the client lost over a year of website changes and added hours worth of work contacting their customers and performing brand crisis management to protect the business from losing customers and mitigate the damage. 


Their website wasn’t doing ok; it had slowly got slower, and lack of updates had left many vulnerabilities, but they had chosen a server that didn’t include any security or malware protection. The cheaper option sadly cost them greatly in the long term. 

Can I look after my own website maintenance?

Of course, you can; it’s your website.

Why not set up a Power Hour with us, and we can walk you through the backend of your website? We will also give you a checklist to help you move forward. We just want you to have peace of mind.

What do you mean by FREE?

Yes, when we say FREE, we mean FREE. We don’t mean “we want to hook you and sell you the next thing.” We want to help your business get stronger, provide guidance, and share knowledge. So when it says FREE on the box – it means FREE all day long, no strings attached.

Will we have a contract?

We want to make sure this relationship is suitable for both of us. We want to achieve results, and we want you to achieve results – a match made in heaven. Your first contract is always a 3-month contract unless we have a good reason to do otherwise.

After 3 months, we order a cake and sign another year-long contract (or longer, if you really like us).

Fees will be invoiced and paid in advance. 

Are we special?

Of course, you are special! That’s why each client if they choose, can get an individual package. We never sell to you what we have sold to someone else – because why would we? Oh, to shortchange you… Nope, that’s just not our way. We know how hard you have worked to build your business and develop your client base. We respect that. So we create a package specifically for you and your business – because, after all, every business is different – isn’t it?

Why would we choose redDog's website maintenance care plans?

We are professionals, so let us take Care of your website and then you will have more freedom to care for your business; we can provide you with peace of mind.
Leave the technical stuff to us – from website design and development, hosting, and maintenance.

What happens if it’s raining?

Well, we still walk the dog because each day is important. Breathing, focusing, and seeing the delight in each new day is redDog’s responsibility. We don’t slack on that.

What happens if I am not in your time zone?

Don’t worry, the internet lets us work out the difference – and we have never been late to a meeting yet.


Book a FREE, no-obligation strategy session to speak with a website and marketing strategist.

Website Hosting

redDog website hosting packages provide the control, flexibility, and reliability needed to maintain a successful online presence. redDog’s focus is to offer safe, secure, reliable and affordable hosting services on our local New Zealand or International servers. If you have an international website, we look after you too with our international hosted servers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ anything in business. To do anything right, and get the results you want, there needs to be an in-depth understanding of your business and goals. We get to know our clients and working with then we recognize the opportunities that can be maximized; all while allowing us to make informed decisions about what to do and when to do it. We lay our SEO prices here, but discovery and strategy sessions are recommended, we want to take you where YOU want to go.


Customer Review

I have no hesitation in recommending Christina at RedDog.
I have been very impressed with Christina’s marketing skills and her commitment to on going study. she is very hardworking, conscientious and client focussed.
Christina is very creative with great analytical skills, creating and enlarging on ideas and concepts easily and quickly.
I have never been disappointed with the ideas overviews advice and outcomes Christina has provided.
Christina’s innovative and often quirky input to my digital advertising catches the eye and provokes interest and comments.
Christina is pragmatic and professional but her personality and great sense of humour makes working with her great fun.

We have four core services:

  • Digital marketing services to animal advocates and to animal – allied businesses
  • Web design and development
  • Local digital marketing services
  • Business and marketing strategy

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