Service Level Agreement

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, if you have any queries regarding the agreement.

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Agency Responsibilities

i. The SLA outlines the working practices operated by redDog and the standards of service offered to clients. This agreement sets out redDog responsibilities as a digital agency (website and social media) and explains the limits of our liability and responsibility.

ii. This agreement forms part of our commitment to transparency and openness vital to any business relationship. By clarifying entitlements and responsibilities up front ensures projects can be efficiently managed resulting in their timely delivery.

iii. We offer bespoke strategies, allowing us to tailor our services to the objectives of the client’s company. The contract is a legally binding agreement and the terms and conditions contained in this SLA will be the same, (unless agreed to by both parties).

iv. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, if you have any queries regarding the agreement.

Client Service

vi. The client is to submit all website service requests/support for general questions, social media assistance, website questions or change requests to [email protected]. Include the priority of your support request in the subject line of your email.

vii. Our general office hours and team responses are Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 5 pm NZST, we are closed on major New Zealand holidays.

viii. For contact direct to any team member within redDog, we respond within one business day to emails or voicemails, and often within 2 hours when possible.

ix. The web team constantly monitor the site for outage issues and other potential problems.

x. redDog will advise the client of any additional costs if outside the contracted support agreement.

xii. Where immediate response is required on as issue or request submit directly to [email protected], a response will be sent within two hours dependent upon the complexity project and client contract with redDog. The client will be advised of the timeframe and any budget considerations resulting from the request in a timely manner.

xiii. If you have questions about how to submit your request, contact the support team at the office at 07 386 0959 or email: [email protected].

xiiii. Small Print. We cannot guarantee a response time when clients submit requests via email, voicemail, or text .

Priority support response times

1Priority 1 – within 2 hours
Whenever a website or related system is inoperative, including website, email and payment processing, or other systems preventing business transactions.
 (Social Media is not priority one unless considered crisis prevention).
 Clients maintain full access to their social media accounts and may remove or alter posts as required.

Priority 2 – within 2 days
This is used for example but not limited to; social media, PR, email support, questions on future posts, changes to email series, or emails broadcasts, modifications to press releases, speaking engagements or other promotional activities other than comments, etc. 
Web or technical support: request bug fixes for live items. Examples include Web site fixes such as links broken, order form modifications or fixes, broken formatting on pages, fixing images to re-position or reformat for previously working formatting, modifying content to existing pages.

Priority 3 – within 3 – 5 days.
This is used for new requests which are put into our pipeline and prioritized based on current workload.

1 Priorities – redDog understand that it can be difficult to determine the priority level for your issue. Our team reserves the right to adjust support requests from 1 – 3, considering new functionality/time requirements, current contract does not include the time or type of fix and requires an additional estimate of effort.

1 Where systems include 3rd party vendors redDog will coordinate on behalf of the client only when access and authority to do so is contained within the existing contract.

2 During business hours

2 Resolving a request could potentially require more time as all issues are diagnosed and the solution agreed upon, we will continually advise and update progress.

Client Management

Terms & Conditions

xiv. The contract is a legally binding document signed by both parties and includes:

  • Termination restrictions
  • Damages
  • Liability
  • Copywriting
  • Performance

xv. redDog does not accept liability where delays in reaching a deadline are caused by the client not providing requested information. An example would be in the case of supplying essential content to redDog and/or failing to confirm sign off allowing for work to commence or continue.

xvi. redDog’s SLA may change at any time without warning.


xvii. Our website hosting contract is an agreement between a website owner and us as a hosting provider; the informal and formal contracts typically cover issues such as uptime guarantees, server maintenance and support, and the hosting provider’s responsibilities and liabilities.

Here are some of the critical elements that are included in our website hosting contract:

  1. Hosting services: We outline the specific hosting services we offer, such as server space, bandwidth, email hosting, and website backup.
  2. Server maintenance and support: We outline our responsibilities for maintaining the server hardware and software and providing technical support to the website owner.
  3. Security and backups: We outline any security protocols to protect the website from hacking, malware, and other security threats, as well as its backup procedures in case of data loss.
  4. Payment and fees: Our contract clearly states the fees for the hosting service and any additional charges for exceeding bandwidth limits or other usage limits.
  5. Term and termination: Our contract specifies that if the hosting is cancelled before the 1st of the month, a two-month hosting charge will incur; all cancellations will need to incur via email and on receipt of that email, the cancellation process will take place. It also states the hosting agreement’s length and the conditions under which the contract can be terminated. 

If an informal monthly hosting is to take place, the first month’s payment will assume that the hosting will carry on each month until otherwise cancelled. As a reminder, by agreeing to pay an invoice, the client is also agreeing to partake of the services we have provided.

  1. Liability and indemnification: We outline our liability as the hosting provider in case of data loss or other damages, as well as any indemnification requirements for the website owner.
  2. Intellectual property: We address ownership of the website’s intellectual property, including content, images, and trademarks.


xviii. When a client reports an issue relating to a matter that falls outside of the project or contract specification, redDog will investigate this on behalf of the client. The client will receive via email feedback and where appropriate, a price to carry out the extra work involved to resolve the issue.
redDog will charge for services provided that are not included in any quotation or under the terms of your hosting, social media or website contract. The amount charged will be based on redDog’s standard hourly rate for that service unless a different hourly rate has otherwise been agreed in writing.
redDog at any time may review and increase their standard hourly rate without warning.
redDog charge a minimum charge of 15 minutes.

xix. redDog will provide customers with a fixed price quotation and detailed specifications for new projects via email, which will include a hyperlink to this SLA. Acceptance by a client of a redDog quotation is subject to the approval of the terms and conditions in this SLA unless expressly agreed in writing between the client and redDog in a bespoke package.

xx. Any work that is in addition to that detailed in a fixed price quotation will be valued and added to the final project sum.

xxi. Invoices are raised on the 1st of each month for the previous month’s fees, with 12-day payment terms. Depending on the terms of the agreement, any overdue invoices may be subject to late fees, interest charges, and even legal action.



xxii. redDog stands for redDog Digital Marketing Agency Ltd

xxiii. SLA Stands for Service Level Agreement.

© redDog SLA Version 1.1 3 May 2018

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