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Social Good Business


Supporting Global Goals through every project –  helping you help others.

We were thrilled when the UN announced its 17 Sustainable Global Goals. These goals aim to create a better world by eradicating poverty, combating inequality, and addressing pressing climate change issues. We were eager to align our businesses with these goals to make a positive impact.

How you ask?

We see social good marketing as a way of embedding giving back into everything we do

  • As a new client, we ask which of the 17 Sustainable Global Goals you would like to support, and we donate to it.
  • If one of our existing clients gives us feedback or provides us with a testimonial, we will help KidsCan provide a raincoat to a child in New Zealand.
  • When we start a new website design, we will ask you which of the 17 Sustainable Goals you would like to support, and we will donate to it.


We love spreading joy!

We appreciate and understand that it’s a two-way street


redDog believes in giving thanks and giving back and helping a person up through mentorship, opening their arms if someone is falling or supporting a cause (financially or otherwise). redDog has a social responsibility and shares a percentage of its profits, with the belief that we benefit through giving. redDog has met some incredible mentors, mentees, business owners, clients and friends and they have been valuable resources that have helped redDog generate those profits.

To give back, Christina is a mentor through the New Zealand Mentors Association and also provides mentor graduates and women in business, helping them to set and achieve goals.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

Margaret Mead


Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

– Anna Lappe

Social Good Business 

Giving Back 

For the cause

We wanted to integrate social good marketing into our full business model, so that’s why we donate 10% of our profits each year to causes we are passionate about. As a social impact marketing agency, we align everything we do with our values, and we are passionate about animal welfare.


  • In 2020 we are happy to adopt a baby Rhino called Arthur through Baby Rhino Rescue, due to poachers, Arthur lost his mother and had a horrific start to life. We need Rhino’s for various reasons; they benefit other animals and keep a healthy balance to the ecosystem.


  • We also donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Sea Shepherd advocates for  Māui (world’s most endangered marine dolphin) and Hector (found only in New Zealand) dolphin.


  • Provided continual support for SAFE for Animals which is New Zealand’ leading animal rights charity, allowing animals to have a voice.


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