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redDog is a small business marketing specialist that helps businesses grow brand awareness, website traffic and relationships.

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We believe that passion is the difference between an ok company and a company that rockets to the moon. Passion is that effective motivator, it helps state direction and often ethical behavior. As trusted social media agency in NZ, we love working with clients that have a passion for their business because they do not compromise and it’s contagious! Social media marketing for business is an excellent tool to share that passion with visitors and brand evangelists if used correctly!

“When you believe in something, the force of your convictions will spark other people’s interest and motivate them to help you achieve your goals.” – Richard Branson

So what’s Branson’s advice when you have a great idea for an area that you are not passionate about? “Go back to that ‘aha!’ moment and try to understand what motivated you to think in that direction in the first place – the passion behind your idea might lead you to the business or industry that you truly care about.”

We found our AHA moment would you like help finding yours? Contact Christina she can help

Strategy Session

It’s  Important

The Why?

What’s the why? To do any useful marketing any business needs to know where they want to go and why. You can have all the ingredients for a cake but if you don’t have a recipe to follow you won’t get the results you may have envisioned in your head? Is your focus community growth? Website traffic? Stronger relationships? Conversations? Increased awareness of your brand? Every business needs a strategy session, it can include:

Connect or Production Discovery / Strategy Sessions

Does your business need us to dig deeper? And provide a full marketing plan and strategy, well we can – every business should do this as standard. redDog can offer an in-depth discovery process, develop your marketing plan and strategy just for your brand. Let’s face it for online marketing if you aren’t paying attention you are falling behind. It is crucial and urgent to have a marketing plan that is up-to-date, yet adaptable to whatever is thrown at your business. Contact us today for pricing and timeframe.


Do you need research on your target market and buyer persona? So that you can market your product or brand directly to your potential customers? Well, redDog can help you do that. Schedule a free discovery session, so we understand what you need, and can quote directly on that.

There is a good kind of audit!

Book some time to set up a free call for a social media audit today

Social Media Marketing

Need more of a pick and mix?

Of course want liquorice instead of jelly babies!

Have the starter plan and want to add in blog posts? Alternatively, you have the growth plan, and you want to add in another social media platform and spread your posts across the two? Or you need to spend more time working on increasing your network popularity? None of that is a problem, redDog is totally flexible we can Pick & Mix, come up with a plan that’s right for your business and brand, after all, you are investing in your business we need to make sure its right for you, all you have do is ask.

Production Social – Looking for a one-off campaign or bespoke package feel free to request a quote or contact us to discuss the options.

What's not there?

The little bits we do during the month that that put the cherry on the cake, we can talk about them when you sign up. What else well…

*Daily we create beautiful, custom branded graphics for our clients. Use our one-off designs for coupons, business cards, promotions, brochures, etc. Let us know what you would like or are thinking would be good to excel your business forward and we can create a quote for it.

*Do you need one on one training for social media? Well, we are the experts and happy to put a package together for you.
We also provide group training, if you have a team you would like instructed on how to use your social media channels in-house. We are happy to provide a quote.

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Would you like a free Social Media Audit? – Click Here.

*Graphic design / training charges are quoted on per project

Growing Through Adverts

Moving Forward with Social Media or Search Engine Marketing

Finer Points

*Our fee to perform the services does not include advertising dollars of paid ads on social or Google, plus ad spend dollar typically 150NZD+ depending on the goal. Management of the campaign, 20% on the dollar per ad spend.

Do you need our growing or production package for advertising, not a problem it’s best we talk so we can custom design a plan for you?

There are various situations where a custom campaign is necessary. For example, special business promotions, contests or events. These are quoted separately and based on project requirements.

redDog wants to make your advertising dollar work for you, if you are ready to get started, contact us. We will identify the campaign objects and a plan going forward for your SEM or Social Media advertising.

Why Paid Adverts?

Simply put it can be the cheapest form of advertising. Are you looking for increased awareness for your brand? More followers? Engagement? Or more website traffic? SEM (Search Engine Marketing) on YouTube, Google or Bing (even!) can help achieve any or all of those goals. Help your target audience find you at the exact moment they are looking for the services you provide. The key to SEM is that is it very targeted advertising, and it increases a brands visibility in search engines through the use of pay per click.

Consider your goal for social media advertising – this should come from your marketing plan or strategy session. redDog’s goal is not to spend your money but make your money work for you. Increasing traffic to your website? Increasing your visibility? Increasing engagement? Improving lead generation? Growing sales? Is it one or all of them? It’s important to choose the correct social platform that aligns with your bigger goals and objectives, each has its own benefits, you need to connect with your target audience where they are. We can help with all of this just give us a call.

Those little questions that seem quite big

Do you have a contract?

Simply put yes! It protects our clients as well as ourselves. It’s not all one-sided. We want to make sure you are comfortable, and at any time you feel we are not doing what our strategy session states then the contract protects your business. redDog also knows that it takes time to develop a social media channel and we want your business and our business a chance to create something great. We also want to state and have it in writing that we keep details (plans, analytics, logins, financials) about your brand and business confidential and secure. We will discuss with you the contract timeframe when we sit down with our strategy session.

Can you start today?

The answer to that question is typically no. The reason being we need to have a discovery call, and we need to learn about your business. We always recommend you book our Growing Strategy Session. However, if you don’t want to do that and you feel that your company is ready to get started and has a plan of attack, let’s begin with a social media audit – then we both know how healthy your business is on the social front.
Most importantly the first thing to do is Contact Us, then we can get the ball rolling.

Setup Fees?

If there are setup fees we will tell you in your contract, we are not the type of company that tries to slip unknown pricing under the rug. To setup, a social media account (business page) it is NZD 300 that gives you custom created header and profile picture for your brand/business, we can discuss the finer points of that when you are ready. We set-up all the major platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,  LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. As part of the initial set-up, we will show you how to log in, post, read and use your social account. If you need more expensive training, we can do that also, just ask.

Work With Us

Let’s get in touch to understand your project, and discuss the next steps.


Don’t Forget

  • a steady stream of clients
  • better client retention
  • an excellent reputation
  • business growth

Email Marketing

During our strategy session, we may suggest that your business utilizes and reaches out to your client list. Connecting directly with your clients is an essential part of any business. We can individually design HTML newsletters that promote your brand, provide incentives or direct your clients back to your services.

Our newsletter services cost 150 per distribution, initial setup of marketing automation platform at additional cost – this is a one time fee. We recommend MailChimp for small business as they have a free starter package of 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. It’s easy get in touch!


Using our strategic session, or development of marketing plan with redDog can create topics for your blogs. These blogs placed on your website then utilized and shared with the businesses other platforms. redDog will create content centered around your business that either informs, engages or inspires your audience.

Our blogging packages start at 230 per month – 350 words and focuses on 3 of your keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes. If you need a growing or production package that includes more keywords, longer blogs, and regular campaigns, please let us know.


Customer Review

With ever-changing technology, our website was in need of a revamp. I am thrilled I asked Christina to do this and am even more thrilled with the result.
Christina is a pleasure to work with, she totally understood what our site needed to convey, backed this up with research and what we have now encompasses who we are, what we do and why we do it.
Thank you so much Christina!

We have four core services:

  • Digital marketing services to animal advocates and to animal – allied businesses
  • Web design and development
  • Local digital marketing services
  • Business and marketing strategy

Work With Us

Let’s get in touch to understand your project, and discuss the next steps