The redDog Way

Employee Handbook
We have to create exceptional products (websites) and services (Support, SEO, Social media management, Strategy) for our clients.
That starts from the ground up by creating a culture code and a company we are proud. That’s the redDog way.

I’d like to welcome you to the team personally. It’s an exciting time for redDog as we continue to grow. We pride ourselves on producing a product/service that exceeds our client’s expectations. We’re glad to have you on board!

We’re continuously transforming the way we operate to improve our ability to expand and make our work lives more refined, which means more production. Our employees have continued to meet the challenges we have set them. We are very proud of where we are today and excited about our future.

Before I finish, I’d like you to know that you, as part of our team, are our most important and most significant asset. We could not accomplish what we do every day without our employees. I’m happy to welcome you to redDog and look forward to working with you!
Let’s make the most of it together.

About Us

Who we are

redDog’s values, objectives and philosophy are a direct reflection of the kind of agency we are: where everyone involved is motivated by attention to detail and design driven.

We strive to create the best. And we’re looking for more like us. Our recruiting radar is always on: seeking staff that buy into our philosophies and wants to achieve greatness for our clients.

It takes the drive, creativity and a passion for solving tough challenges (and we mean tough) to be a member of the redDog team. The ‘boss’ focuses on integrity and can see right through it if you aren’t wearing that shirt today.

Our Guiding Values

Create a change

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” We want to grow our client base, to do that we need all the team working together towards the same goal. What is that goal? – create the best for our clients (C), increase our revenue (R), supply that revenue to our employees (E): C+R=E simple really.

Be passionate and determined

We owe it to ourselves to work on things we are passionate about. If you’re excited about something, you’ll do a better job and enjoy the process. There some necessary evils at every job, but it’s up to you to make sure you’re passionate about what you’re working on. If you don’t like what you are doing it will show to the clients and the rest of the team. Communicate with the team if you are struggling or are not happy with what you are doing.

Use good judgement

Measure twice cut once, nobody made any money being paid once for a job they had to do twice.
Whether it’s making product decisions or meeting with a client, we expect everyone to use good judgment in all aspects. If its an important product decision; move quickly, weigh all the pros and cons…. you get the idea. Ask, and communicate if you need reassurance on your decision.

We’re a huge fan of lists. It’s ok to pursue that list with little regard for the shiny new project that someone needs help with.

Prioritise – The right priorities are really great. None of it matters if things don’t move off the list. We prefer short, distinctly addressable projects. If we can’t see progress measured in days, or at worst weeks, we should be taking a hard look at what we’re tackling. It’s nearly impossible to maintain a sense of urgency over a three-month project. Breaking things down into digestible steps give all of us a shot at being able to see a finish line and focus on finishing strong.


“The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.” A realistic view of the present and an optimistic perspective on what’s possible is at the heart of nearly every great company ever built. Life is simply too short to spend it working with people who aren’t in the pursuit of something better and who don’t wholeheartedly believe it’s possible. We want to work with people that we genuinely like to be around. That starts with attitude.

Company Structure

You're Hired

What's next?

We won’t put too much pressure on you on the first day, and understand that it will be relatively slow. First, you’ll sign all the paperwork, sort out your login’s, and read this handbook!

You should have received a job description and contract, if you didn’t ask

Then, we will walk you through your first project.

Make mistakes. Ask questions. We all did it.

We also encourage you to talk! Share your perspective on where you think you can provide the most impact to the company, and as we said earlier: ASK QUESTIONS!

By the end of your first couple of weeks, we will know you are swimming around without lifesavers on, after all, we hired you because you are bright.

You will have learned a lot, and you will have taught a few things too – after all a team is about adding value.

If you have general questions (or aren’t sure to ask), ask Christina. Otherwise, please ask your question directly to who you think could answer it best.

Nitty Gritty

Or how do we work


Check your contract. However, if we agree 9am between us then we expect 9am.

Check in. if working remotely; when you arrive, lunch breaks and when you leave

Where can you work

You may work from anywhere that you feel you can be most productive (that is private and confidential). You may be called to speak, email or have a meeting with anyone. Even if it’s your first day. Even if you don’t know their name within redDog… so be ready!. We don’t care if you are in your pajamas with your headphones, whatever it is, it’s cool.

You have to be able to have an internet connection capable of easily handling a Skype video conversation. Downstream is usually not the issue. Most basic internet plans are at least 10mbps down, which is not a problem. Being able to participate in a video conference usually means at least 5mbps up.

redDog is not about a race to the office in the morning or a competition to see who can be here the latest… its all about output. redDog is a place to produce, and your work speaks for itself.  If you want to coast, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Work happens anywhere, redDog office exists to help us move faster and happier.


Overcommunicate and Overdeliver. At redDog, it ’s assumed that everyone’s working steadily and diligently. In the absence of new information, the assumption is that you’re producing. When you work remotely, you should flip that burden of proof. The burden is on you to show that you’re productive. Is that because we don’t trust you? No. It’s because a few standard ways of staying involved (informal chats, lunch, one on one meetings) have been removed because you are not in the physical office. You still have stuff like chat, teamwork, voxer, etc. Be a little paranoid for this time about showing your work. It will help you feel good about your time, and we feel good about granting it.


You need to have access to the resources you need to work.

  • Have a fully functioning desktop/laptop system that you own. That has a video camera and microphone.
  • Smartphone for apps – voxer, teamwork chat, 2FA, etc.
  • Internet access (goes without saying)
  • Whatever room that you feel most work comfortable in that is distraction-free as your normal work environment.
  • No childcare responsibilities during working hours. You can’t take care of kids and work at the same time.


By nature, we deal with confidential and sensitive information about our clients and our business. Everyone on the team is expected to keep these secure within the company.

It is required that all information about redDog, its customers and other employees be kept strictly confidential. The release of confidential information, whether intentional or unintentional, can injure redDog and those individuals associated with it.

It’s never acceptable to work in an internet cafe

If an employee is unsure if something is confidential, or has any questions regarding the employee’s responsibilities in dealing with or releasing confidential materials, please ask the Christina.


The most significant balance that happens within a company is communication, primarily if you work remotely.
Lack of communication, misinterpretation of communication or even language barriers can be the most significant issue. Here at redDog, there are several ways to communicate:

  1. In person, Maybe this sounds crazy, but if it were possible to restrict all communication to this channel, the world would almost certainly be a happier place.
  2. Phone, pick up the phone if you just need to hear the other person.
  3. Teamwork chat, for day to day project details and your own channel. Use this to get some quick information or to request some version of number one or number two above. Not really for some sort of depth or emotion to a conversation. If it can be read wrong, it will be interpreted wrong – so be careful.
  4. Voxer, for voice messages and urgent information.
  5. Emails, long-winded communication where more instructions have to be laid out, or the boss has something to broadcast or information that needs to be shared with more people than can comfortably fit in a conference room.
  6. Skype, voice and video calling. If you just can’t be in the same room and it can’t wait. Video slightly trumps phone in most cases, but given that even today the internet hates good video quality, this can sometimes be an issue.
  7. Zoom, for teleconference and remote team sessions

The more you care about the issue, for example, ABC soap has just crashed, the more critical it is to make one or two the starting place for communication.

Everyone is important, so that’s why we try so hard to keep in contact with the team. We are always trying to improve our team communication as it makes all of us better.


Absences or significant lateness (20 min) without communication are serious offences and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. These can end in immediate termination.

If you know ahead of time that you will be absent or late, provide reasonable advance notice to the team and gain approval from your boss.

Check your contract for specific details regarding you and redDog working together.

Time Wasting at Work

We work in an incredibly demanding service-based industry. We can’t afford to spend our days watching cute cats. The occasional video is fine, but your focus at work should be work. If you do end up getting distracted for a minute, please do not let it distract others.

Taking important personal calls is fine, but please limit them in length to only what’s needed.

redDog gets paid pre-project, if we don’t complete projects on time, then that is less profit (remember before C+R=E), which affects the whole team, not just you.

In your contract, you will have agreed to work hours, that’s a contract which means you signed it and discussed the hours that you would work with redDog.


There is a boss (that’s Christina), but we believe that companies are nothing more than collections of people. If those people work together effectively the chance of creating something awesome goes way up. If they don’t, it doesn’t. It’s really that simple. We understand that goals change, people change, and redDog evolves. We believe:

  • We try and keep the organization flat
  • We think that everyone can lead
  • We give everyone the opportunity to take charge of what they are doing

For this, to work, we need flexible people who are capable of being both self-directed and highly communicative with those around them. In this environment, structure exists to provide clarity about responsibilities and empower individuals to do their best work. If you’re not sure where you fit or are curious about another team, just ask.

Lunch / Breaks

It’s important that you get up from your computer and move every hour, do some stretches and clear your head – it only takes a couple of minutes.

Check your contract first. You may take up to an hour for lunch when possible to do so, just let Christina know that you will not be available during that time.


We understand that you are human and will need a break away from work.

We don’t have an offical vacation policy as if you have a laptop you can work from anywhere

Check your contract. If you are wondering how early do you need to tell us that you are taking a break? Remember we are a team, so it’s important to not let team members down if you request time off and it leaves redDog in the lurch it may affect the team wellness and also remember before C+R=E. Discuss with Christina as soon as possible re vacation time.


I know we shouldn’t talk about this yet! But lets open this up now just in case.

Don’t leave! redDog is designed to be a great place to work and the kind of company where people are happy to spend their days. We are hoping you will grow and stay with the company forever.

BUT, if you are thinking of leaving:

Please give us as much notice as possible. Come talk to us as soon as you are thinking about leaving. Maybe there’s something we can do! And even if there isn’t, we won’t hold it against you. Help the team by letting us know well (weeks preferably) in advance.

Check your contract. Re confidentiality, ownership of work etc


Your dog is always welcome at work

Getting Paid


Check your contract. We may have discussed earlier when is the best time frame for pay for you. We usually pay weekly or on completion of a project.


Check your contract. We pay via PayPal or via direct deposit.


Yes, we do! We appreciate our staff. It all comes back to that equation C+R=E simple really. If we complete a project under timeframe and the client loves it, then we share the joy.

Bonuses are not guaranteed and are only given if everything in the company is going swimmingly.

Candidate Referrals

If you know (or meet) someone that you think would be a great fit at redDog, please refer them! All you need to do is give their contact information to Christina, tell her why you think they would be a good fit, and if we end up hiring them, expect a bonus.

Tools we use

Get ready and download them


You will be provided with a login and password. We project manage all our jobs through

Teamwork Chat

Each project will have a Teamwork chat assigned to it, this is where the team chat regarding the project –


We use Trello for social management with clients, so if you are on the social media team go to

We also have a special folder structure for social clients:
Archive  – where all the old campaigns sit
Prep – working documents, the client can put stuff here themselves too
Reference – items that you and the client want to keep forever
Social – campaign images etc

Daily Scrum

We set up daily scrums, you will be supplied with the time, no excuses not to be there. This is a daily Skype check-in for questions, concerns etc –


We use TeamsID to share login and passwords. We securely store all our passwords and logins here. Make sure you never share your log-in with anyone or log-in to the site or app on another person’s computer where the password may be stored. – this is a serious offence, and we track it –

We use 2FA where possible and google authenticator app

The Internet is a scary place, and we keep most of our cool stuff there. We need to do everything we can to keep the bad guys out. So we can sleep better at night, without the teeth grinding and nail biting and other bad habits. If you feel that you have made your TeamID volatile or insecure please immediatly let us know (we wont judge you), we just have to make sure that our client details are safe and secure.


Sometimes managers have to step away from the office, use Voxer to send voice messages  –


We use Zoom for team conversation and training initiatives  –


We have a specific folder structure that we work under, consistency helps all teams.
Google Drive for current working projects: (this will be shared with you)

  • Archive – completed documents, images, etc go here, only moved  here after approval
  • Images – all images that are required for a project
  • Prep – working folder, the place where all your files will be
  • Reference – client details, brand guidelines, maps, your first port of call

Client folders (shared with clients) – Google Drive

  • Archive
  • Prep
  • Reference
  • Social

Our files for reference are usually name:  ‘YYYMMDD Project name or client’

We're Excited!

We’re thrilled to have you on the team