Keep your money in the bank we won’t need it here
The pandemic has taught us that digital marketing is your best friend for small businesses in helping move through uncertain, unstable times. Regardless if your marketing your business locally in New Zealand or Internationally.

We are not talking about marketing in the sense of open your wallet and run more ads (not suggesting you couldn’t benefit from that), but about taking advantage of what you already have set up and in place – your website. A few simple steps can improve your website marketability, all without increasing your budget if you do the work in-house.

Here are some of the easiest ways to make your website more marketable and, in turn, help your business grow.

Simple tips to attract more website customers

4 simple website tips for your business

  1. Internal links are misunderstood!
  2. Google My Business Profile
  3. Check or revise your CTA.
  4. Love them or hate them – Pop-Ups!

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Internal links are misunderstood!

Google loves internal linking, helping them understand the path and relationship between your content – services, products etc. It also helps Google understand your website’s hierarchy. It allows you to have control over more critical pages with a higher link value. If you don’t consider an internal linking structure in your content, you are missing gold. 

Think about how you want your website to flow – from: Tips for hiring the best pet sitter or dog walker -> Dog Walking page, Pet Sitting page, Qualifications etc…take the visitor on that journey with your links. Think of lower down pages (think funnel or silos) than the page you are writing – try not to link to the menu items page as default, like contact us, as really it’s not worth much. Can you see what we have done in this dog walking website example? You want to link to something that the visitor sees as relevant or essential to what you are discussing already. As in this example, create Category names for blogs that are the keywords you are targeting.

For a blog post this size, I would suggest 3 or 4 internal links that flow down or out to external pages. It all depends on your content length – a 1000 blog or page could have 20 internal links, for example.


Google my Business profile 

Do you have one? If not …. go run now… go do it here. It’s an essential element to any business. We will be sharing a free Google My Business training; check our resources page or contact us for more information. 

What makes your potential customer engage with your business? Do they want to see a professional service? A creative service? A service that looks reliable? Then make sure that your Google My Business page gives the impression you want; make sure it’s branded and optimised. 

Google takes direct ranking signals for your website from your Google My Business profile, especially if you are a local business (think veterinarian, dog walking, dog grooming etc.- we always use Google to find their locations or search for the nearest, most reliable service). 

  • Ask your clients to post reviews, and make sure you comment back to them. 
  • Contact details are all consistent with your website think NAP – Name, Address and Phone Number.
  • Is your business description correct? Add a call-to-action for customers to follow; add in your target keywords.  
  • Can you add more pictures? Dog Walking, cats in cattery, dogs in kennels, dogs getting treated at your vets etc
  • Remember, first impressions count – create what you want your customer to see. 


Check or revise your CTA.

The colour of psychology is essential. If you change your Calls to Actions to pop out of the webpage make sure you are staying on brand, do you have a media kit to help you stay on brand?

If you do change them, make sure that you try and stay the same to similar across your site – re CTA, buttons etc., for example, don’t have 12 various button colours. 

Do you have enough Call to Actions on your website? What are you asking the visitor to do? Is it what you want? Check out here for more indepth information regarding Call To Action button design


Psychology of Color Infographic

Love them or hate them – Pop-Ups!

Love them or hate them.. they work for some people and can be helpful. 

Pop-ups are good for – newsletter sign up, free promotions, discounts, offering the user something that is time-restricted. It is worth a test to see if your visitors react to them, set up a test, have the pop-up only show up once for that individual – we don’t want to put them off coming to the site again. If you were running say a dog walker promotion after a long weekend, create a Instagram post about your promotion, add the pop-up to your website so when the user hits the bio link they remember why they went to your site. Remember to give back to your loyal customers they are the 20% of your business that provides 80% of the value


They all seem pretty straightforward, but could you reap the rewards, take your time, and pull out your strategy, you should be on the right path to improvement.