Business Focus and Marketing Success

following the correct business path I often see businesses jumping from one solution to another solution – even without finishing the first, with no business focus and therefore no marketing success.  I see them wasting time and energy on the next snake oil salesmen and grasping on to his ‘sell’ with the hope that it will excel their business forward, pull it out of the depths of despair or inject the passion they find lacking. There are and always no fast results to get to the finish line – not without cheating anyway! – And sometimes that feels like the only way. Cheating, however, won’t let you stay there very long, someone will come along who has put in the hard yards and knock you off your podium. It’s like a simple pancake recipe – you cannot put in the milk and eggs first as you won’t get the fluffy pancake you are looking for, you need to follow the steps to get the results you want, business strategy is no different – which stage are you at? Are you thinking you want to make pancakes? Already at the grocery shop buying the flour and the eggs? Or are you sitting down and pouring all the maple syrup over them. Either way – this is well worth the read and will help you gain some good grounding, relieve stress and maybe even inject some pure passion!
Five 5 strategies of business
Todd Herman is a high-performance coach and delivers the 90 day year training program

“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do” – Henry Ford