Do you have an ‘Advisory Team’ ?


You are your business are important! 

If you are looking for growth and stability in your business, you need to be considering one or all four:

  • Mentor
  • Group Mentorship
  • Professional Group Mentorship
  • Personal Growth Mentor

I have all four – non-negotiable! And the reasons being, sometimes it’s hard to see the horizon when you are looking at the screen all the time. My advisory team helps me understand and acknowledge my weaknesses, it also keeps me focused on my goals and strengths, it provides me with energy and direction, it also prevents me from running right off the tracks and into the neighbor’s paddock!.

Bringing on board a professional mentor can seriously help you gain clarity and accountability. They can become your sounding board and your eyes on a broader horizon. They bring with them wisdom and guidance. They will have background and expertise within the field you are looking for growth in. They are not with you forever, with your own growth you can require a different knowledge base – that’s ok, mentors can dip in and out of your life.

Group Mentorship can aid with shared expertise and kinship. It can also bring in connections that move your business forward, shared clients, and shared projects.

Professional Group Mentorship puts you into the circle of knowledge that helps you move up and stretch your experience, it keeps you focused and motivated. It also supports a little with the imposter syndrome that everyone throws around these days as you rub shoulders with professionals within your field. Allows you to access support, and networking opportunities.

Personal growth mentor may be a life coach, a fitness coach, a counsellor, for example, they may help you breathe deeper, untangle the knots in your head and body! and stay focused.

Because of my Advisory Team and the benefits, I have gained I also give back, and I am a professional Mentor with Business Mentor Association in New Zealand and the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK.

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