Let’s talk about Facebook

If you are getting…
“Your Facebook account has not been hacked and has been sending out friend requests” in FB messenger from one of your friends.
Today! There is a high likelihood that that message is fake and is a chain letter, and what is happening is FB users that are worried about security are copying and pasting it to their friends, which only amplifies the issue. We all understand the theory behind friends don’t let friends, but this is not one of those instances. In social media, we all need to take some personal responsibility and be cautious by checking to see if our account indeed has been cloned before we feed the fire.

Facebook has no official warning regarding the messages that are being sent out, or that there has been another security breach – apart from the massive one a few weeks ago, but let’s not talk about that right now!

Of course, its good to be cautious:
When taking a bungee jump always make sure that the line is attached to something.
When the curry says, mild medium or hot, make sure you know what your plans are for the next day if you are not sure which one to choose
When the light is orange, it’s never worth the risk

Other than that.. manage and look after what is yours:
How to deal with spam on facebook:

How to report spam on facebook:

Be a good kiwi and never copy and paste, when it says to copy and paste this to your friends. Instead, write letter’s, send love, say Hi, real old good time interaction.

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