Google+ closing should you be worried?

Google has officially closed down Google+ should you be worried? Well not about the fact that its closed down but more about the reason why they finally bolted the door. Google+ never really worked for them, kind of like a flightless NZ bird, never took off the ground!

What’s affected? Well, nothing much really but the reason why it finally happened is a bit more sinister, open the door stage left, and you will see a security breach.

My recommendation is never log in with other apps with your Facebook account or your Google account, take the time to create separate logins with indeed different passwords. Use a password manager like Splashidor 1Password to manage all your logins.

There is an excellent little article if you care to read more on Google and the Google+ exit:

Seriously as users if we care about our information and our data, we need to start taking responsibility for it and not expect ‘big brother’ to do it for us. Just think how much a social media channel know about you:
What you eat, what size of clothes you wear, your birthday, your child’s birthday, your anniversary, your holiday last year in Raratonga, your dislike of xyz party, your love of dogs (of course – it’s only mad people that don’t love dogs!), your love of cheese, your shoe size, your… and on and on. Its kind of like opening your kitchen drawers, bathroom door, bedroom door and letting the world walk through it if your data was exposed to the world – how comfortable would you be? All you had to really do to save yourself was to change your password, would you?

If you have a business and are worried or want to delete your Google+ profile :

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