Why not scan our Instagram name tag?

Is Nametag a great new features on Instagram or is it a QR code reinvented?
Want your own:
1. Go to your profile, hit the menu button on the top right,
2. Select “Nametag” to display your own code.
3. When you want to scan someone else’s code, you can do so by swiping right into the camera and scanning the tag.
4. change the colors or Emoji pick what makes you smile the most.
5. Done and share away

To be used again? Maybe maybe not. I can see this being an excellent asset to conference name badges.

I will drop my @TwitterInc QR code in here just to prove a point that Instagram didn’t just reinvent the wheel, Twitters been doing it since 2016! Someone in this world does not want QR codes to die!

Through some colored background our way, a couple of emoji’s and we roll around on our backs like a puppy at the beach.

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