Professional Web Design Company

A professional web design company builds relationships.

That’s it in a nutshell.

They will project manage the whole process from the first meetings with the clients to implementing a backup service at the end.
Some companies that focus on package pricing that is low cost may not have the experience that you are looking for, check all the fine print and the included features. We totally appreciate that you may not understand what each feature means; however, ask them and get more than one quote!
A professional web design agency will understand that you can develop a website – in WordPress, PHP, Shopify, or whatever platform that is chosen that best works with the clients brief, but that’s not the end of the road. SEO is as essential to a website as butter is to toast, it’s just not going to work very well, and you’re not going to get the results you want. They will consider performance when they hand over your site (we never let a website leave our hands unless it’s got a higher Yslow score of 85+). They understand that social media is a tool that to some extent every business has to use and promote themselves on. They know exactly how everything fits together and what’s necessary and what’s not.

I need a website designer

Seriously? Or are you looking for an answer to your questions? Ok, so let’s assume you need a website designer to create your new website. It seems from the clients perspective they consider price first before the quality of workmanship. It’s entirely possible because they can’t see under the hood and only see the design and just hope on their next dollar that everything is tidy and clean under there. We understand that as a business owner you sometimes have more money than time, or time than money – both give different decision results.

There is Joe who has a successful business that knows his website needs an upgrade as it’s falling behind with the business’s growth, he wants it smart looking (rightly so) and he wants it to work (remember he doesn’t have time and intends to reinvest back in his business). So Joe is willing to pay a premium to get things done in the minimal amount of effort by him – we like Joe, not because he is busy or has money, but because he trusts in professionals (as he is one) to get the job done right.

Then there is Pete, he has more time than money. He will spend several days discussing with you the quote. He will want to be updated daily, he thinks his font choices (he’s not a designer btw) are more important than your years of schooling, history, and knowledge in the profession. He will ask you constantly how much something costs, and why will this benefit him – think back he has more time than money, so his brain is spending way to much time in the fine details. He’s also assuming he can get it cheaper someplace else and expressing that to you.

Two of the most significant aspects between Joe and Pete is; Joe is willing to reinvest in his business and understands that hiring professionals and trusting in them will provide the results he wants and Pete is busy worrying about what he’s going to get for his money. That’s why we like Joe! We love businesses that want to grow and are focused on doing so

Benefits of hiring a professional web designer

  • A professional designer should always listen and ask questions – never assume you need things that you don’t actually need
  • They will translate what you are saying and put it into the language they understand
  • They will find out what you are trying to accomplish and align the project to that
  • They bring with them years of experience with the other projects they have completed
  • They will keep up with industry knowledge and use that on your website
  • They will create and design a website that is an investment for you

They will never give you a ‘cheap’ site because of assumptions and lack of listening

Let me tell you a story, we have a client who had a previous website. The previous developer didn’t ask questions, had no idea really what results their client wanted and created a site based on a package deal. The site did nothing for him, no traffic, slow to load, wasn’t optimized, wasn’t connected in any way shape or form with Google. That part of the story had a sad ending, a lot of wasted time, energy and money. It’s key to understand that it’s not all about dollars, that it’s a business investment and asset and it has to align with your future goals, otherwise it won’t end well.

It’s a simple calculation really:
Professional companies (hire professional people to create professional products) + Investment = ROI

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