Looking for business marketing ideas here are 10 Tips

Walk don’t run, take each step and go back to #1 and set the goals for each step. You can do them in whatever order you like but always keep in mind #1. These business marketing ideas will work for your business if you continue with it.

1. Set – daily goals to move your business forward, don’t focus only on your clients work, a growing business is a healthy business.

2. Co-market – with non-competing businesses with similar customers. Think – Lewis Road and Whittaker’s chocolate they made a delicious chocolate milk together that helped one businesses move into a new market, and enhanced Lewis Road product line. Consider who your partner is and find some tips here.

3. Connect  –  don’t forget that the reason you have a business is your clients, what do they need? Send weekly emails to clients and say hello!

4. Package – bundle services/products together to attract attention.

5. Review – promote yourself with customer reviews, the consumer is in control at all levels of the purchase journey, make sure new visitors see your positive reviews.

6. Focus – don’t try and be everything to everyone it will not work, only Santa Claus can pull that gig off, so concentrate on a niche and do that well. Here are another seven tips –  finding your niche

7. Powerful – take the powerful highway, word of mouth will get you there faster than any source (good and bad! – focus on the good, and measure the bad and adjust).

8. Offer – specials to your niche market, they will love it and you!

9. Refer – setup a referral program – they work, reread Tip 7, and Tip 5 and Tip 3 if you do not believe me. People are powerful and they are awesome.

10. Share – be open and available to share your company information; business cards, website details, social media etc. Don’t hold yourself back. Check out our home page – we share all our details there, and here, actually here too.