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As a business owner, goal setter, rocket ship maker we all need to attract strangers to the thing we want them to buy. Otherwise, what would be the point? We would just be making items in our basement and giving them away as Christmas gifts never to be used. We want to create things (services or products – physical or otherwise) that people love and want to purchase, and we need to attract visitors to do that. Initially, those people will be strangers, probably because we have tested and sold to all our family and friends already – that well has run dry! Am I right? Using inbound marketing services we attract strangers via; social media, video, e-books, keywords, SEO strategy and blogs like this – Attracting is the first stage in the Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Let’s draw an example:

Julie sells a fantastic range of kitchen equipment. She is not getting much foot traffic through her store and has tried using traditional marketing methods like newspaper, and radio advertisements (outbound  marketing), she is finding it a hit and miss strategy. If realistically a strategy at all, Julie only uses it in a reactionary mode when the newspaper calls and ‘suggests’ it may be the best time to advertise!. Her online store does some traffic but not as much as she would like. She knows she is struggling and reaches out to an inbound marketing strategist because her friends suggest that it worked in their business. We talk about attraction the first stage in the Inbound Marketing process, to attract the customers that Julie wants we have to provide something they will love. They then become visitors to her website to get what they want.

Outbound marketing she would have sent out messages into nowhere land hoping that someone would read/listen and react to it. With inbound marketing, it is about publishing the right content, in the right place, at the right time. Marketing becomes more relevant and helpful, not interruptive like traditional marketing techniques.


Inbound Marketing

We have an initial meeting with Julie, to discuss her business goals and find out her backstory, she grew her business because she loves to cook, always wanted to become a chef but was too scared to make the jump, and decided to start selling the tools that she loved working with instead. As inbound marketers this story excited us, it was the perfect hook to attract visitors to the site. We worked out an inbound marketing strategy.  Julie started by using her phone to take a short video of her making a hot caramel recipe, not unlike this one:

Social Media Content Plan and Strategy

She got a feeling, and got excited; she had a list of recipes to share –  part of inbound marketing services we developed a social media content plan and strategy for her to manage this process. She increased her web visitors; people who were interested in what she was doing and what she was saying – people very much like herself, that wanted to use quality kitchen equipment. All she had to do now was convert them! Or use those visitors to get excited about the book that she always wanted to write!


Using social media in your inbound marketing strategy is a fundamental component because attracting people is essential for business success, meeting customers where they are is key!


Businesses see generating traffic and leads as their biggest marketing challenge


Businesses plan on implementing video into their marketing campaigns in 2017


When are you are looking at Inbound Marketing Services make sure that your social media strategy includes:

  • SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely
  • Social media content plan that is remarkable:
    • communicates your brand and your value
    • adds value to the person you are communicating with
    • is relevant for the platform you are using – think – Instagram is a visual platform, where twitter is not.
  • Meets your audience where they are – not disruptive
  • Optimize all
    • platform
    • message
    • visuals
    • results
  • Always tie your efforts back to Return On Investment (ROI)

Remember – you need to convert!!


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