Marketing a business – your unique point of view

Let’s say this is marketing a business 101. It is by no means an extensive list; we could talk marketing all day long, then turn off the lights and start chatting about it the next morning – which Christina is happy to do just give her a call. We understand that you are looking to market your business and would like some ideas, totally understandable, let’s start here –

What is your unique point of view?

Have you any idea what it is?
Ok, then let’s turn that question around – It is about:
Essentially of your business :O)


Why do you do what you do? – Because of money? That is not really where you will find the passion answer; we are all driven by money at some point.

Marketing a business

Power of thoughts

Get a pencil, and some paper and free flowWhy do you do your business? If you have been in business for a while and felt like you are in a funk and can’t move the business forward, go back to this question and ask it again,  Why did you start the business?


If money comes up in your top three, then have you ever set goals around money for the business? How much would you like get? What would you do with it? If it is not about money that’s even better because money comes and goes, but passion stays forever – if you feed it!


So now that you know why you do what you do, Who are you best suited to serve? Who is your ideal client? – we have a client persona template that may help you work this out, just ask us.


HOW you do what you do is unique too. If you do not know your uniqueness ask your customers why they chose your business and why they stick with you.


While you are there – use it to get a testimonial. Grab the great testimonials – share them everywhere – here, or here for example, thats about marketing a business. If your client shares negative feedback, use that information to help you further evolve the business – all feedback is inherently good feedback. This is not about us, but here is a good example of one of redDog’s testimonials – there is money and power in that kind of advertising – do you see where I am going with this?


I was absolutely delighted to discover Christina from redDog, not only for her huge knowledge of computer
technology, but in this case, for her skills in updating my website. This was a task that I had putting off, as I imagined it would be complicated, and tiresome. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Very intuitively and competently, Christina created a whole new ‘feel’, with a brand new website.
I particularly appreciated the clarity of it, and the ease of navigating it. We had a small amount of to and frowing, and apart from that, she simply understood the ‘feel’ I was wanting, and created something I loved – in a very short and painless manner.

I appreciate working with Christina very much, because she is accessible.
She listens to, and ‘gets’ people very instinctively. I’ve certainly had experience, over the years with advertising, creating brochures/cards etc. and I have been so amazed how myself and the technician could be totally on different wave-lengths, which often led to disappointment with the outcome. .
Absolutely no way, with redDog !

Christina is obviously a great researcher, keeping aligned with all the new social media requirements, to create a successful business. To be able to rely and trust someone with this knowledge is huge, especially in our ever-changing marketing world!.

I have, and will continue to recommend redDog to friends and acquaintances, if they are wanting excellence in developing their businesses. With Christina’s vast knowledge and skills (both people and technical), she will lead them into exciting new areas, creating exactly what they want – or something they didn’t even know existed, until working with redDog . . . .

Christina Venville

Celebrant, Heart Space


Marketing a business

What do you do to get excellent client results like no one else? Let us know; we would be excited if you shared them with us.

Bundle all of that together, and you have your unique point of view, use this information to propel your marketing forward. It is the base foundation for marketing a business. If you have not done this yet – go back to the start and reread it, or call us to help you walk through it.