A few small business marketing ideas are a powerful foundation tool and if used properly a business can see quick and lasting results. Note. any business will always have the best results when they follow an inbound marketing strategy

Consider that imagery speaks to the desired results

If I was selling ice cream to you what is the result I am looking for from my marketing? I want you to look at my post/image/content and feel moisture in your mouth, warmth running through your tongue and dark desires for creamy sweetness. I want you motivated to seek and purchase – preferably now and not in days or weeks to come when the physical desire has left you, and another piece of marketing has taken over. Alternatively, I want you to remember me when you stick your hand in the ice-cold freezer at the gas station looking for something to bring your temperature down on hot summer dates (does ice cream do that anymore?). So if I were to use this image would it speak to the desired results I was looking for – for you or me?

It speaks of failure and frustration.

Unless you are selling that in your small business marketing don’t sell it in imagery – give them what they want. Consider this – ice cream is just not about eating it! It can be about childhood memories, selling a tourism venture or a seasonal activity. Look at the story that’s being told here at Mora iced creamery, beautiful fresh ingredients for the discerning palate, who do you think they are selling it to?

People buy transformation – if that is what you are selling!

Think about using ‘before and after’ in your small business marketing ideas. What is their before state and where do they want to go? Speak to the transformational qualities in your small business marketing, inspiration empowers people forward. A good example of this is:

Goodbye Junk. Hello Relief

Don’t make it we we we….us us us

Small business marketing has transformed over the years from always pushing the message to listening and conversing with the consumer. The biggest turn off for a consumer is having to hack past messages asking them to purchase. Think about how amazing advertising has become when its starts to tell a story; we engage with it and become connected to it. No one ever wants to hear all about you all the time, consider the 80 / 20 rule, spend 80% of the time giving via your marketing then use the 20% to sell the products or services you have to offer, you will see a lot more JOY.