Quick the Christmas clock is ticking! – Urgency Marketing

Urgency MarketingUrgency marketing is all about getting us to buy now – no hesitation, it’s limited, and it’s only for you, kind of thing. With sweat streaming down your brow you realize you may get to the shop and the ‘perfect’ gift is sold out! During this time of the year, marketing takes a spin and it’s all about urgency and converting browsers into shoppers with ‘limited sales’ ‘running out fast’ and the clock is ticking down to Christmas. Putting a clock on your marketing content reminds consumers that time is passing and there’s a sense of urgency to get it done.

Push your Product

Tactics like telling the consumer that time is short, reminding them that quantities are limited (scarcity bias: when a person imagines that the product is running out they want it more) – thats urgency marketing. Raise both awareness and revenue – push your product or service (gift vouchers) at this time of year! Using loss aversion – make the consumer believe that if they don’t act now there out of the bargain. We have a human tendency to avoid losing things so you will have them hooked or maybe some of them!
It’s all about urgency psychology If you look at the stats for ‘Black Friday‘ – traffic was up 220% on a normal day and PayPal handled $15,507 in payments per second. Entirely based on the fact that we tell the consumer that for one day there will be a sale like no other.  Then comes along ‘Cyber Monday‘! Did you do anything to sell on these days? Why Not?

Act Now

Definition of Urgency: The use of trigger words or scarcity tactics to increase your prospects’ sense of having to act immediately. Urgency can be achieved by using phrases such as “act now” or by alluding to a limit in time or supply.

What do you think when you see the words: Hurry, Quick, Over, Seconds, Act Now in marketing copy? How about Low Stock, does that make you want
to push the Buy Now button? What if there are only two products left does it really matter? Think Apple, how often do they tell us that their products are limited? When it seems like the whole world is full of iPhone’s – limited maybe only on the day of launch. We believe that anything with a limited supply is more valuable than something that is freely available

Urgency Marketing

 “The best
marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”  – Tom Fishburne.

That is the key, work with a level of honesty and use the time and situation. When the stock of a product is running low let your consumers know and use it to your advantage. If you know that a holiday is coming and people are going to be putting their hands in their pockets to draw out their wallet give them the opportunity to purchase your product first.

Stand tall in your product

You know it’s good, you want to make sure everyone gets a chance to experience it. Take advantage of the next 21 days to push your products and services after all when Christmas is gone it’s gone!

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